Our School History

A Brief Description of Our School:

Room 210:

Our School History

Jarvis Varnel Beach was born in 1854.
He went to Tulane County,California.
He practiced law at California bar.
Hearing a better opportunity he went to Oregon.
He helped the school board for 20 years.
Then he got more interested in schools.
He married Agnes Cole and got one son Varined Cole.
MR. Beach died in 1932.
on world war 2 700 filled each class room.
They definitely needed repairs.
Well after that Beach is still in 1998.

A Brief Description of Our School

We are an inner city multicultural community of diverse backgrounds.

Number of Students and breakdown:

Pre-Kindergarten-5th grade 759 students
Adaptive Pre-K 37
Total 796

Grade level sections:

2 half-day early education sections
4 half-day prekindergarten sections
4 full-day kindergarten sections
5 Spanish bilingual classes in grades k,1,2,3,4
3 first grades
3 second grades
3.5 third grades
3.5 fourth grades
4 fifth grades

This is our first year as a school-wide Title I program. We are also the English as a Second Language center for this area of the district.

Room 210



The Bird and the Bees

Robins are the color of a summer sky
Fine and dandy just like candy they love to fly
They always love to sing
It makes my ears ring.

They love to dong and ding.
It makes them feel like kings.
The sky is so blue
They just love to coo.

The baby birds are new.
They stick to mom like glue.
The nest is safe and comfy
The baby’s name is Lumfy.

The parents are going to die
The baby birds are going, “Oh my!”

JaQuari, Shannan, and Lukeeah

I have a parrot.
She likes to eat carrots,
But my parrot can’t get that
She’s fat.

She is almost fatter than a cat.
She has to sit on a mat.
She lost some weight
That she really hates.

She didn’t get a date,
But the cat didn’t wait.
She is very thin now,
I don’t know how.

Now I have a farret
I wish I could share it.

Today’s topic:Room 210’s E-pals

WHAT! E-mail is like writing electronic letters, but they are like: you write something and it comes right back!

We have epals from from Glen Lea school in Richmond,Virginia.
Day 1-100:we got a lot done!
We are now talking at the same time.
Soon we will talk live with pictures of us live.



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