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Learn about the new transfer process.

Apply in the lottery or download a petition on the School Choice page.

Information for families entering kindergarten, middle or high school in Fall 2015

Will your child start kindergarten, middle school or high school in August? Portland has great neighborhood schools ready to welcome you. Among these webpages you will find information about open houses at all neighborhood schools, as well as at focus option schools (specializing in such topics as art, science or languages), alternative and charter schools.

Most families find a great fit at their neighborhood school. Families looking for a specialized program or a different school setting must apply for a transfer in February.

Follow these steps to choose your school:

  1. Visit your neighborhood school. Find your school here.
  2. Attend the open house for your neighborhood school.
  3. If you are also interested in a different school, attend that open house as well.


Email the PPS Enrollment & Transfer Center or call: 503-916-3205

School choices in Portland Public Schools:

Families are guaranteed a spot at their neighborhood school, assigned by address. Identify your assigned school here. The Portland School Board is expected to vote in January on changes to the transfer system, which is used when families wish to attend a school outside their neighborhood.

What the board is considering:

  • Focus-option schools:
    Families would continue to use the PPS lottery to apply to a focus-option school. Focus option schools specialize in the arts, sciences, language immersion or other topic areas.
  • Neighborhood transfers:
    Board action could change the process for applying to a neighborhood school outside the neighborhood in which you live. Rather than applying in the lottery, families would file a petition, explaining why a child needs to attend school in a different neighborhood. PPS would then use criteria to grant or deny the petition. More information will be available at after the board votes.

Lottery dates:

Families use the lottery to apply to focus option schools. The system for applying to a different neighborhood (non-focus) school is expected to be clarified in January.       

  • High schools: Feb. 4 to Feb. 18, 2015
  • K-8 level schools: Feb. 9 to March 6, 2015
  • Apply in the lottery: Apply online or download a paper form at
  • Outcome: Families will learn by late April whether they got into school(s) applied for.

Please note that the options and timelines listen in this webpage only apply to PPS residents. Families who live outside of PPS will need to apply using a different process and timeline.