PPS Pulse Archive – 2011 - 2012 School Year

PPS Pulse - Vol. 5, Issue 9: May/June 2012: Nike impact; city funding; bond survey; graduation rate; class of 2012; Marysville rebuild; ¡Sí Se Puede!; Verselandia!; school rally; student leadership conferences; summer resources.

PPS Pulse - Vol. 5, Issue 8: April 2012: Championing aging schools; King arts instruction; budget vote; school size; Atkinson and Franklin awards; Skyline School IB program; Young, Gifted and Black; speech and debate; Earthstock.

PPS Pulse - Vol. 5, Issue 7: March 2012: Budget proposal; Common Core State Standards; facilities planning; earthquakes; social media; César E. Chávez Leadership Conference.

PPS Pulse - Vol. 5, Issue 6: February 2012: Budget preview; family engagement; calendars; accessibility and earthquakes; Arleta and Shakespeare; Hosford sister school; OEA rally; King PK-8 School art; Tech Show; Jefferson scholarships; sports.

PPS Pulse - Vol. 5, Issue 5: January 2012: Keys to graduation; enrollment changes; Buildings & Learning series; Ready Set Connect; Parent Academy; emergency kits; school grades; Lent garden; free bookstore; theater; EdBox; basketball showcase; composting; OAKS retesting; athletic fields; Peter Senge.

PPS Pulse - Vol. 5, Issue 4: December 2011: Enrollment changes; middle and K-8 schools compared; Ready Set Connect; reading tips; facilities advisors; art at Jackson; holiday helping; fall sports.

PPS Pulse - Vol. 5, Issue 3: November 2011: Enrollment increase; ombudsman; career experts; facilities plan; enrollment balancing; IB schools; Food Day; Bridger library.

PPS Pulse - Vol. 5, Issue 2: October 2011: Online grades; Milestones; Marysville returns; Oregon's best teacher; enrollment balancing; Secretary of Education Arne Duncan; Student Union and SuperSAC; Reed Biology Outreach; Marshall update; "Studio 28."

PPS Pulse - Vol. 5, Issue 1: September 2011: Teacher evaluation; math strategies and tips; dropout prevention; graduation requirements; Parent Academy; school board meeting structure; summer highlights; iPads at Roosevelt.