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The AISC wishes to thank the staff of Dotten & Associates, Inc., particularly Kathleen Curtis Dotten, Gwenn Baldwin and Cindi Carrell, for their work to support the AISC and the Task Forces. Also, our thanks to Gayl Larson and Heidi Franklin, Portland Public Schools, for their work with the AISC and Task Forces. We wish to thank Board members Ron Saxton and Doug Capps for their regular attendance at our meetings and their valuable input. We extend our thanks to the numerous Portland Public Schools staff, under the leadership of Dr. Canada, who assisted the Task Forces in their research. Our work could not have been completed without their full cooperation and support.

Finally, our sincerest thanks to the Portland Public Schools Foundation for their support of the Performance Audit and their continued work and assistance on development of the District strategic plan.

For a printed copy of the Executive Summary, please contact the Portland Public Schools Public Information Office at (503) 916-3304.

Executive Summary (pdf help)

Introduction (pdf help)

Listed below are the task force summary documents and matrixes that contain detailed information on each recommendation.

Task Force Summary Task Force Recommendation Matrix
Achievement Achievement
Administration Administration
Bond Bond
Communications Communications
Facilities Facilities
Finance Finance
Human Resources Human Resources
Information Technology Information Technology
Inventory Inventory

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