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Performance Audit Implementation Steering Committee

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Portland Public Schools
Performance Audit Implementation Steering Committee
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E-mail: perfaudit@pps.k12.or.us

In response to the KPMG Performance Audit, the District enlisted 27 experts, parents, community leaders, business professionals, teachers, and students to serve on the Audit Implementation Steering Committee (AISC). Another 125 volunteers, of a similar composition, were recruited to study the audit and District in more detail through a series of Task Forces. Their Executive Summary and Full Report describe the results of great efforts and the depth of commitment as a community to join forces with the District to bring about the necessary changes to achieve the full potential of each and every student.

To download the AISC's transmittal letter to Dr. Canada and the Executive Summary, click here.

To download the specific, detailed topic areas of the report, click here.

The audit, performed by KPMG Peat Marwick, looked at the district's business systems and other areas with the goal of determining where and how money could be more wisely spent.

According to KPMG, the District should focus on 15 general areas to improve student education and its operations: Strategic Planning, Board Leadership and Direction, Communication, Administrative and Management Structure, Facility Utilization, Bond Project Management, Information Technology, Warehouse, School Police, Special Education, Minority Participation, Summer School, Enrollment Forecastings, Educational Infrastructure, and Human Resources.

An Executive Summary as well as the entire audit report is now available from the Public Information Department at (503)916-3304, or online.

Task Forces

Achievement Standards and Curriculum Management

Administration, Safety and Policing

Bond Management

Communication, Public Policy and Special Education

Facilities Utilization

Finance and Risk Management

Human Resources and Management Structure

Information Technology

Inventory Management and Purchasing

Task Force Objectives
  • Take responsibility for reviewing specific recommendations contained in the KPMG Performance Audit as assigned by the Audit Implementation Steering Committee (AISC).
  • Work collaboratively with Portland Public Schools stakeholders to review and evaluate the feasibility of implementing recommendations assigned by the AISC.
  • Conduct an open, factual, and thorough discussion of the feasibility of implementing assigned audit recommendations.
  • Provide timely recommendations to the AISC regarding the treatment of each assigned recommendation.
  • Be available to the AISC to provide presentations and/or data regarding the proposed treatment of assigned recommendations.

Audit Report

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