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Three students, all high schools win big in Sock It to Me contest

November 06, 2013
PPS students Abby Molloy, Alex Burlay, Sadie Gustavson and their sock designs.
PPS students Abby Molloy, Alex Burlay, Sadie Gustavson and their sock designs.
Sock It to Me, a Portland-based manufacturer and designer of funky socks sold worldwide, has raised $15,000 to support the arts in PPS high schools through its 7th Annual Design-A-Sock Contest. Among winners are students from Franklin and Wilson high schools and Metropolitan Learning Center.
Open to all Portland residents, the contest encouraged the submission of unique sock designs for a chance to win $1,000 cash, 15 pairs of socks and have the artist’s design produced in Sock It to Me’s next sock collection. In addition, the sock company pledged to donate $1 towards an Art Grant for Portland Public High Schools for each unique design submitted.

“Sock It to Me received more than 5,500 fun, creative and unique entries this year, most of which were from students,” said Carrie Atkinson, founder of Sock It to Me. “We were so impressed with the effort and passion that was put into each design that we decided to increase our donation to Portland Public high schools from $5,500 to $15,000 to support these worthy arts programs.”

PPS Chief Academic Officer Sue Ann Higgens was impressed by how Sock It to Me included real world lessons in its contest.

“The opportunity for students to engage in real world science, art and math makes this nontraditional partnership a really exciting model,” Higgens said. “Our high school art teachers did a fabulous job of encouraging student involvement in this project and the funds will now cycle back to their students and classrooms. Thank you Sock It to Me for making a positive difference for PPS students.”

Grants will fund ceramics program, field trips and arts communication
The $15,000 donation will be split evenly among 10 participating high schools including: Alliance High School, Benson Polytechnic High School, Cleveland High School, Franklin High School, Grant High School, Lincoln High School, Madison High School, Metropolitan Learning Center, Roosevelt High School and Wilson High School.

Each school may apply for the $1,500 art grant, which may be used to towards the purchase of art supplies, art-related field trips or other special art-related projects approved by Sock It to Me.

At Cleveland High School, the art grant will be used to fund the ceramics program, which has increased from two classes to nine classes over the last year and relies solely on student donations to operate. Sock It to Me’s donation of $1,500 will help support the purchase of clay as well as carving tools, drills, brushes, canvases and other necessary supplies.

Other uses for the donation include partial funding of an art field trip to New York City by the students of Lincoln High School, funding for the ceramics program at Roosevelt High School and enhancement of the Arts Communication career-technical education program at Alliance High School.

Highest number of entries ever
This year was the first time Sock It to Me partnered with Portland Public High Schools for its annual Design A Sock Contest, which resulted in the highest number of design entries ever submitted. The company received more than 5,500 fun and creative designs ranging from animals to nature scenes to abstract art.

Nearly 80 of those designs were on display at Sock It to Me’s annual voting party where students and
teachers from Portland Public Schools, as well as the company’s friends and family, voted for their favorite design. The top 30 were then showcased on Sock It to Me’s Facebook Page and the public cast the final ballot on who would win $1000 cash, 15 pairs of socks and have their sock manufactured in Sock It to Me’s next collection.

Student designs will become socks in 2014
Although none of the designs submitted by Portland Public School Students ended up in the top
three, Portland Public Schools was heavily represented in the semi-final round. Nearly 15 of the top 30 designs were submitted by students. These designs have been showcased in a special Honorary Album on Sock It to Me’s Facebook Page.

The company has also announced three Honorary Student Winners whose sock design will be produced in Sock It to Me’s Fall 2014 Collection and will all receive a $200 design fee. These winners are:

Alex Burlay from Franklin High school for his design, “Panda"; Sadie Gustavson from Metropolitan Learning Center for her design, “Caution,” and Abby Molloy from Wilson High School for her design, “Footnotes.”

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