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PPS congratulates new principals

July 30, 2013
Sara Hahn is among PPS principals taking on new leadership roles. After three years as Duniway's principal, she will lead Lent K-8 School. She is pictured with Lent students from her years as a teacher there.

PPS congratulates new and transitioning principals in schools across the district for the 2013-2014 school year.

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"I am proud of these leaders, some of whom are veterans moving to new schools, others who are stepping into leadership for the first time, and still others who are new to PPS. I encourage school communities to welcome and get to know their new principals," Superintendent Carole Smith said.

PPS starts its process for selecting a new principal by inviting input from families and staff at that school through a survey and/or a community meeting to learn the characteristics that the community seeks in its next principal.

In many cases, a school-based committee is formed to give additional feedback during the hiring process. But the superintendent always reserves the right to appoint a principal to a school if she sees a good fit between a leader who is available for placement and the needs indicated by the school community.

"Strong principals support student success and we take seriously the job of finding the best fit principal for each of our schools," said Superintendent Smith.

View a list of all principals, assistant principals and vice principals for the 2013-14 school year.

Following are this year’s new or transitioning principals:

Abernethy Elementary
Heather Hull moves from Woodmere Elementary to lead Abernethy, succeeding Tamara Barron, who retired.

ACCESS Academy
David Wood moves from assistant principal at Peninsula K-8 School to lead ACCESS, succeeding Eryn (Bagby) Berg, who became principal at King PK-8 School.

Alliance High School
Lorna Fast Buffalo Horse, former administrator at Leadership and Entrepreneurship Public Charter High School, moves to lead Alliance High School, succeeding A.J. Morrison, who retired.

Arleta K-8 School
Seth Jones, former assistant principal at Sellwood Middle School, is now principal at Arleta, succeeding Kevin Crotchett, who is now principal at Jackson Middle School.

Atkinson K-5 School
Paula McCullough, experienced PPS administrator, is interim principal at Atkinson, succeeding Debbie Armendariz, whom the superintendent appointed as interim director of Dual Language Immersion for PPS.

Kevin Bacon moves from Hosford Middle School to lead Boise-Eliot/Humboldt K-8, succeeding Molly Chun.

Benson Polytechnic High School
Curtis Wilson Jr. is the new Benson principal, moving from Grant where he served as a vice principal and succeeding Carol Campbell, who is now principal at Grant.

Bridger K-8 School
Oscar Gilson, current director of the Middle College Program at Jefferson, is the new Bridger principal, succeeding Brenda Fox.

Chief Joseph/Ockley Green K-8 School
Molly Chun moves from Boise-Eliot/Humboldt to lead Chief Joseph/Ockley Green, succeeding Joe Galati.

Creston K-8 School
Conrad Hurdle moves from Ockley Green K-8 to lead Creston, succeeding Chris Guiterrez, who served as interim principal for one year.

Duniway Elementary School
Matt Goldstein, assistant principal at Richmond PK-5 School, is the new principal for Duniway, succeeding Sara Hahn.

East-West Sylvan Middle School
John Ferraro moves from Jackson Middle School to lead East-West Sylvan Middle School, succeeding Cate Boyce, who has received a two-year fellowship.

Grant High School
Carol Campbell moves from Benson High School to lead Grant High School, succeeding Vivian Orlen, who returned to New York with her family.

Hosford Middle School
Pam Joyner moves from Lane Middle School to lead Hosford Middle School, succeeding Kevin Bacon.

Jackson Middle School
Kevin Crotchett moves from Arleta K-8 School to lead Jackson, succeeding John Ferraro who will lead East-West Sylvan. A process has begun to select the next principal for Arleta.

King PK-8 School
Eryn Berg, formerly Eryn Bagby, moves from ACCESS Academy to lead King, succeeding Kim Patterson, who accepted a directorship for the state Department of Education.

Kelly Elementary
Marti Diaz moves from interim to permanent principal at Kelly Elementary.

Lane Middle School
Brenda Fox moves from Bridger to lead Lane Middle School, succeeding Pam Joyner.

Lent K-8 School
Sara Hahn moves from Duniway to lead Lent K-8 School, succeeding John Horn, who retired.

Llewellyn Elementary
Joe Galati moves from Chief Joseph Elementary to lead Llewellyn Elementary, replacing Steve Powell, who retired.

Vestal K-8 School
Emily Glasgow will be the next principal at Vestal K-8 School, succeeding Susan Foxman who retired. Glasgow comes to PPS from Boston Public Schools.

Woodmere Elementary School
Rene Canler will be the next principal at Woodmere, succeeding Heather Hull who will lead Abernethy. Canler comes to PPS from Chicago Public Schools.

Woodstock Elementary School
TJ Fuller, assistant principal at Robert Gray Middle School, is the new principal for Woodstock, succeeding Mary Patterson who is retiring.

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