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PPS enrollment trend continues upward

October 29, 2012

PPS enrollment is up more than 200 students from last year to 47,508, according to the fall student count. That makes four years of growing enrollment and an increase of nearly 1,500 students since the 08-09 school year.

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Some individual schools saw even more notable increases:

  • Roosevelt High School gained 74 students to reach 826. That’s a 10 percent increase and the largest enrollment in nearly a decade.
  • Lane Middle School’s enrollment increased 10 percent to 486.
  • James John Elementary gained 37 students to 439 – an increase of 9 percent.
  • Abernethy Elementary School gained 50 students – an increase of 11 percent.

Overall, the trend of triple digit growth in early grades continued this year. With the exception of second grade, all grades K-7 have more students than the year before. The overall high school enrollment decreased this year. The low point for student enrollment is moving through the high school system and high school numbers are predicted to rise in the coming years.


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