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Updated Bridger library: 'Happy, beautiful space'

November 02, 2011

Books have been "flying off the shelves" following a $200,000 upgrade to Bridger K-8 School's library.

Target partnered with the Heart of America Foundation to provide new furniture, technology, carpet, shelves and art. The changes were unveiled Oct. 28.

Bridger librarian Anne Licurse calls it a "wonderful, clean, happy, beautiful space." The improvements show students that adults value reading, she adds.

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In addition to library upgrades, the effort put 2,000 new books on library shelves, gave students and their siblings seven new books to keep and provided each family with 22 pounds of food staples. Target volunteers also landscaped outside the school.

Bridger is one of 42 schools nationwide — and the only one in Oregon — selected for Target's School Library Makeover program.

"It helps students feel special," Licurse says. "They think, 'This library is meant for me, so I can find great books that I love.' "

That's proved true so far: Licurse notes that books have been "flying off the shelves."

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