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Lolenzo Poe named chief equity and diversity officer

January 25, 2011
PPS Partnerships Director Lolenzo Poe has agreed to take on additional responsibility as the school district’s chief equity and diversity officer – leading school district efforts to build a culture of equity and inclusion for our students, families, employees and community. Poe will continue to manage the school district's community and staff engagement, partnership development and support for academic priority zone schools.
Poe has worked for the last year to align and strengthen the district's community engagement and partnership work – building stronger ties between the school district and our community to better support all students. His new charge is to bring that same vision of collaboration, diversity and inclusion to other departments.
As a member of Superintendent Carole Smith's executive committee, Poe will work directly with department directors to weave equity work into daily operating procedures. He will organize and lead a districtwide equity council to align current efforts and recommend areas for improvement.

He also will work with community partners to expand the district's reach and support its work in this vital area.
In the past few years, PPS has made strides toward achieving its goals. The school district is developing a common language and a framework for conversations about race through professional development work with Glenn Singleton and the Pacific Educational Group.
PPS is not only tracking student achievement data better using the Milestones framework, but using that data to examine work at the classroom, building and district levels. The Human Resources Department has worked to develop, retain and promote a diverse and culturally competent work force. This year, PPS also is reorganizing services for students learning English.
"In his new role, Lolenzo will work with the people managing each of these projects to improve coordination across departments," Smith said. "He will build upon the momentum gained in recent years by doing what he does best: building a coalition of dedicated people, challenging the status quo and promoting equity for all."

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