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School board asks for plan to modernize schools

October 25, 2010
At the Portland School Board’s request, Superintendent Smith on Nov. 8 will propose a plan to improve PPS schools to provide up-to-date learning environments for students and teachers.

Director David Wynde, the school board’s lead on long-range planning for school facilities, called for the plan as part of his report from the board’s Finance, Audit and Operations Committee.

He noted that the average PPS school building was 65 years old, with only two built in the last 30 years. Building codes, technology and teaching practices have all changed, but money to make improvements has been scarce.

“Our school buildings are out of date and need a lot of work,” Wynde said. He called for a “systematic, strategic and sensible plan to deliver the kinds of schools we need for our students to be competitive in college and careers -- schools that provide the spaces, technology and environment that help students learn and provide exciting teaching opportunities.”

Read the full text of Director Wynde's report here.

Superintendent Smith agreed to present a plan to modernize schools. “We know what we want for our students – that every one of them, no matter their race, income or their home address, has access to a great school and a great education, and that they all graduate ready for careers and college.”

She said that up-to-date school buildings would help that goal, providing modernized learning environments to help both students and teachers do their best work.

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