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Valedictorians Honored by Board of Education and Superintendent Phillips

May 25, 2006
Following is a list of Portland Public Schools valedictorians for 2005-06, graduating seniors who have achieved a grade point average of 4.0. Parents and guardians are listed in parentheses.
Tiffany Chan (Kai Chan)
Cecilia Ha (Kim Truong)
Phong Tan Nguyen (Phitung)
Saate Shakil (Fouzia Shakil)

Julia Bray (Jane and Thom Bray)
Christine Jowaiszas (Sue and Tom Jowaiszas)
Steven Phan (Nhung and Daniel Phan)
Joshua Sargent (Trudy and Stephen Sargent)
Grace Shibley (Romalia Stickney-Shibley and Jeremy Shibley)
Alex Steinkamp (Debra Royer and Peter Steinkamp)

Casey Conzatti (Laura Gutierrez)
Carl Jeppesen (Jane and Allen Jeppesen)
Colin Koach (Becky Wehrli and David Koach)

Amelia Bell (Lynne Gardinier and Eddie Bell)
Thomas Brant (Patricia Gregorio and John Brant)
Becca Carlson (Barb Millikan and Steve Carlson)
Ariana Collins (Angela Remling)
Gillian Conahan (Carolyn and Mark Conahan)
Emma Dobbins (Kate and Richard Dobbins)
Thomas Dudrey (Sherry Dudrey and John Dudrey)
Jarell Hunt (Carin Cunningham)
Samantha Leigh Hunt (Alice and Scott Hunt)
Ava Mikolavich (Marsha Willard and Mark Mikolavich)
Jessica Oglesby (Karen and Mitch Oglesby)
Katrina Schenck (Ingrid Nylen and Rand Schenck)
Katharine Singleton (Colleen Kelley and Steven Singleton)
Amanda Slade (Barbara Cain and Dwight Slade)
Daniel Slavik (Julie and Steve Slavik)
Spencer Williams (Rick and Nancy Williams)
Laura Yount (Mary-Catherine Huben and Dave Yount)

Marquis Hall (Renáe Hall and Floyd Hall II)
Shereen Sherman (Patricia Bates-Sherman and Monroe Sherman)

Grant Alport (Sharon and Marc Alport)
Laura Bayley (Jennifer Joyce and Bruce Bayley)
Hannah Cassard (Linda Crouse and Christopher Cassard)
Alex Chung (Amy and Jaehoon Chung)
Max Davidson (Anne and Martin Davidson)
Karine Hoffman (Jan and Eric Hoffman)
Christina Li (Jan and Peter Li)
Bryan Neish (Lynne and Scott Neish)

Leigh Berg (Lottie Lipp and Ronald Berg)
Lydia Maxson (Brent Maxson)
Mikhail Polyakov (Svetlana and Nikolay Polyakov)
Jalah M. Reid (Janice and Neil Reid)
Joseph Stratton (Jonathan Stratton)
My-Dung L. Tran (Khang V. Tran)
Phuc Tran (Binh Tran and Van Hoang)
Paige Whaley (Lynn and Fred Whaley)

Biz Tech @ Marshall Campus
Kaota Saelee (Mouang C. Saelee)

Pauling Academy of Integrated Services @ Marshall Campus
Felishia Randall (Kimberly Anderson-Bailey)

Renaissance Arts Academy @ Marshall Campus
Mary Mann (Cathie and Gordon Mann)

Metropolitan Learning Center
Mercedes Mandich (Priscilla Burns)

School of Arts, Communications and Technology @ Roosevelt Campus
Kimberly Neal (Marlene Neal)

Spanish and English International School @ Roosevelt Campus
Morgan Heckman (Marcia Thomason and Doug Heckman)

Adam Anderson (Marialice Mulroney)
Christopher Blake (Karen Morissette and Mo Blake)
Colin Corbett (Joyce Berney and Scott Corbett)
Meghan Doughty (Lynn Shrauger and Richard Doughty)
Elizabeth Ford (Diane Ford and Charles Ford)
Maxwell Fritz (Amanda Fritz and Steven Fritz)
Jonathan Kadish (Lisa Maas and Joshua Kadish)
Michelle Massar (Helen Massar and Matthew Massar)
Ryan McKinstry (Cindy McKinstry and Mark McKinstry)
Madeline Midgett (Jeanine Carr-Midgett and Joseph Midgett)
Kiva Oken (Melanie Fried-Oken and Barry Oken)
Ted Sanders (Margie Sanders and Ken Sanders)
Leeor Schweitzer (Yael Schweitzer and Ronen Schweitzer)
Gregory Tainter (Gregory Tainter)
Annie Thompson (Suzanne Aspy and Richard Thompson)
Allen Waters (Bonnie Waters and Tom Waters)
Karla Whitfield (Diane Whitfield)

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