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PPS announces new school leaders

August 27, 2009
New administrators include (from left) Conrad Hurdle, Ockley Green K-8 School; Leslie O'Dell, Jason Lee Middle School; and Shawn Garnett, Rosa Parks Elementary School.
New administrators include (from left) Conrad Hurdle, Ockley Green K-8 School; Leslie O'Dell, Jason Lee Middle School; and Shawn Garnett, Rosa Parks Elementary School.

Portland Public Schools has announced the appointment of more than two dozen administrators to principal and assistant principal positions for the 2009-10 school year.  


Ainsworth Elementary School: Cindy Roby, principal. Roby previously was assistant principal of East-West Sylvan Middle School. She assisted with administration of the school and provided leadership for the East Sylvan (sixth-grade) campus.

Alameda Elementary School: Raddy Lurie, principal. Lurie served as the interim principal of Alameda last year and as the school’s assistant principal before that. He also was the student management specialist for Ockley Green Middle School and a language arts teacher and social studies teacher at George Middle School.

Arleta K-8 School: Deborah Armandariz, principal. Armandariz is new to PPS. Previously she was an elementary school principal in Bloomington, Ill., and a bilingual teacher in Illinois and Texas.

Beach PK-8 School: Tom Breuckman, principal. Breuckman comes to Beach from a position as director of student support. Tom previously was principal of da Vinci Arts Middle School, and Bridger and Glencoe Elementary schools; assistant principal of the former Gregory Heights Middle School; and a school counselor.

Beaumont Middle School: Liz Casson-Taylor, principal. Casson-Taylor previously served as principal of Ainsworth Elementary School and was the assistant principal of Mt. Tabor Middle School. She began her career with PPS as a child development specialist at Irvington and Abernethy elementary schools.

Beverly Cleary K-8 School: Teri Geist, principal. Geist previously served Alameda and Laurelhurst schools as principal, as well as Robert Gray Middle School as assistant principal. Last year, she headed up the TAG office for PPS. She started her career with the school district as a speech language pathologist.

Buckman Elementary School: Brian Anderson, principal. Anderson comes to Buckman from Mt. Tabor Middle School, where he served as assistant principal for three years.

Franklin High School: Shay James, principal. Shay takes the position of principal after one year as the school’s interim principal and three years as vice principal. Before coming to Franklin, she was the assistant principal of Sellwood Middle School, as well as a language arts teacher and at Tubman Middle School.

Humboldt PK-8 School: Willie Poinsette, principal. Poinsette has 42 years of education experience as a teacher, principal and central office administrator. Most recently, she was chief officer of the PPS Family/Community Engagement and Partnerships Office. She has served as principal of Robert Gray Middle, Ockley Green Middle and James John Elementary schools.

Lent K-8 School: John Horn, principal. Horn previously served as director of leadership development and school improvement. He also served as area director for the Cleveland and Marshall clusters and as the principal of Kelly Elementary School for five years.

Madison High School: Carla Randall, principal. Randall comes from the Tigard-Tualatin School District, where she was director of curriculum. She was principal of Wilson High School from 2002 to 2005 and vice principal of Jefferson and of Cleveland high schools.

Ockley Green K-8 School: Finnius (Conrad) Hurdle, principal. Hurdle previously served as assistant principal of Rosa Parks Elementary School. He also was the administrator of the former Hollyrood Elementary School and the Whitaker-Rice Sixth-Grade Center.

Pauling Academy, Marshall Campus: David Hamilton, administrator. Hamilton previously was the administrator of the Madison High School’s M community.

POWER Academy, Roosevelt Campus: Charlene Williams, administrator. Williams comes to PPS from the Portland Opportunities Industrialization Center at Rosemary Anderson High School, where she served as education director.

Richmond Immersion School: Bev Pruitt, principal. Pruitt comes to Richmond from a position as area director of the Grant and Lincoln clusters. She also has served as the principal of Chapman Elementary School.

Sabin K-8 School: Andrew Dauch, principal. Dauch previously was interim assistant principal of Alameda Elementary School. Before joining Alameda, Andrew served three years as the principal of Peter Boscow Elementary School in Hillsboro.


Alameda Elementary School: Elizabeth Linnman, assistant principal. Linnman is new to PPS. She previously was at JB Thomas Middle School in the Hillsboro School District.

Astor K-8 School: Elisa Schorr, assistant principal. Schorr previously served as a teacher on special assighment and science teacher at POWER Academy (Roosevelt Campus).

Beach K-8 School: Kristen Meyer, assistant principal. Meyer has served at Beach K-8 as the interim assistant principal and as an instructional specialist. She has also taught grades 2 and 4.

Bridger K-8 School: Andrea Porter, administrator on special assignment. Porter has been a program administrator with PPS for three years. She joined PPS in 1994 as a teacher at Chief Joseph School.

East/West Sylvan Middle School: Jonathan Jeans, interim assistant principal of West Sylvan. Jonathan has been with Portland Public Schools for six years as a teacher at Chapman School and a short-term assistant principal and student management specialist at East/West Sylvan.

Lee K-8 School: Leslie O’Dell, assistant principal. O'Dell previously was interim assistant principal for Lee K-8. She has many years as a special education teacher throughout the school district.

Mt. Tabor Middle School: Jason Breaker, assistant principal. Breaker most recently was assistant director of student services. He previously was a counselor at Sunnyside Environmental K-8 School and has served as a vice principal and counselor at Wilson High School.

Ockley Green K-8 School: Stacey Sibley, administrator on special assignment. Sibley previously led the Pioneer Schools. 

Rosa Parks Elementary School: Shawn Garnett, assistant principal. Garnett previously was an instructional specialist at Rosa Parks.

View the list of all PPS school principals and their contact information.

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