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Classroom scene, teacher pointing to the right.

Strategies for student success

Good things are happening in every school. But we need to do more to get the best results for every student. Today, in classrooms across Portland Public Schools, educators are using new approaches to boost learning.

Effective teaching

Good teaching is the most important factor in a student’s education. Portland Public Schools is taking steps to make sure that students receive teaching that challenges and inspires them, and that prepares them to meet learning standards.

Fact: We are reforming the 30-year-old teacher review process to support more effective teaching.

Roosevelt HS: Putting teaching first yields results

At Roosevelt High School, Principal Charlene Williams reviews teacher performance using student progress goals, set jointly with teachers. Five teachers coach their peers; they observe classroom teaching and model lessons to help improve instruction. Results: This year, students are doing better in math and English.

“Some of my most valuable strategies have come from my colleagues. Our new approach to evaluation puts the focus on student achievement… With this new process I am getting real, authentic, usable feedback.”

— Hallie Gleason, social studies teacher, Roosevelt HS

Well-rounded classes that meet the needs of all learners

Our schools are changing. Educators are focused on delivering well-rounded classes, offering better support to struggling students and challenging students who are ready for more.

Fact: Middle grade students taking and passing algebra rose 13 percent district-wide last year.

Jason Lee K-8: Ready to read and exceed

The path to a diploma and a fulfilling career starts early.

Last fall, at Jason Lee K-8 School, 100 percent of incoming first-graders started school reading at grade level. Many of Lee’s students are from low-income and non-English speaking families.

Kindergarten teachers and the school’s writing specialist used teamwork, focus and frequent assessment to help students master literacy skills. Across PPS, schools are making sure students gain vital academic skills at the earliest grades.

Fact: At 11 schools this year, more than 90 percent of students entered first grade reading at grade level.

“At Lee, we share the fundamental belief that all our kids will succeed. This belief is the spirit of our school.”

— Sascha Perrins, principal, Jason Lee K-8