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Portland Public Schools
Focused on What Counts
Report on Our Schools 2011

Head shots of PPS board

The volunteer Portland Public Schools Board of Education:
From left, Pam Knowles, board co-chair (Zone 5); Trudy Sargent board co-chair (Zone 6); Ruth Adkins (Zone 1); David Wynde (Zone 2); Bobbie Regan (Zone 3); Martín González (Zone 4); Dilafruz Williams (Zone 7); and Dina Yazdani, student representative.

Your voice counts

Our schools face important questions this year that will shape the future for our students and our city. Learn about what’s happening in our schools. Share your ideas. Tell us about your priorities.

Focused on Portland Schools forums

Learn about our five-year action plan to ensure that all students reach learning Milestones, regardless of race or class.

Find out what we have done to contain costs and prioritize our budget. Offer your input. For dates and locations go to the PPS website.

Public tours: See schools from the inside

Tour schools Saturday, April 9: How do school conditions affect learning? Are our schools on par with schools in surrounding communities?

Join principals, custodians and architects as schools across Portland open their doors for an up-close look at building conditions and proposed upgrades. For times, locations and registration go to the PPS website.

Free vision and dental exams

Students are eligible for free vision, dental and hearing exams through ViDA (Vision, Dental and Audiometric Program), a collaborative partnership supported by corporate and nonprofit partners. More information go to the ViDA website.

Focused on What Counts, Report on Our Schools 2011 was produced by the PPS Community Involvement and Public Affairs Dept. (pubinfo@pps.k12.or.us).

Portland Public Schools is an equal opportunity educator and employer.

Key Facts

Student enrollment
District schools 42,056
Focus/alternative programs 1,661
Community-based programs 1,288
Special services programs 493
Public charter schools 1,488
Total 46,986
Our students
African American 13%
Asian/Pacific Islander 9%
Hispanic 16%
Native American 1%
White 56%
Multiple/Other 5%
Languages spoken 100
English language learners 10%
Eligible for free/reduced-priced meals 45%
Receive special education services 14%
Elementary 27
K-8 schools 31
Middle schools 10
High schools 15
K-12 1
6-12 1
Total 85
In addition: PPS students attend 7 selected focus/alternative programs, 24 community-based programs, 17 special services programs and 7 charter schools.
Teachers 2,954
Classified Represented 1,860
Licensed School Administrators 165
Non-Represented 372
Substitutes 1,077
Other 427
Total 6,855