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2010-11 General Fund Budget
($462 million)

Per-student school funding in Oregon
(State School Fund formula), 2007-11

PPS budget pie chart and bar chart of decrease in state funding for schools

Saving costs, focusing on the classroom

Three-quarters of the PPS budget comes from the state of Oregon. But state cuts have taken a toll. So have shifting state budget priorities. K-12 schools now receive less than 39 percent of the state budget, down from 45 percent six years ago.

Portland Public Schools has focused funding where it counts: 75 cents of every dollar goes directly into schools (for educators and learning materials).

Nearly all the rest pays for school support — such as buses and school building upkeep.

We have repeatedly reduced costs, found efficiencies and stretched limited funding to maximize support to students in the classroom:

Fact: With a new agreement, teachers will receive no COLA for three of four years. Principals have received no COLA for three of the past four years.

PPS spends less on administration: bar chart comparing PPS with other districts. PPS enrollment is rising, 2006-2011