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Information About Portland High Schools

High school classroom

The Portland Public Schools high school system comprises 15 schools on 12 campuses, as well as charter and alternative programs. From traditional comprehensive to smaller, focused programs, the district’s 13,000 high school students have access to a wide array of educational options. Many PPS high school students attend their neighborhood high school, while some chose other neighborhood, focus option, charter and community based alternative schools.

Refer to the links below for detailed information about PPS High School programs and the educational opportunites designed to prepare students for life and learning in the 21st century.

High School Redesign: Portland Public Schools has undertaken a large-scale effort to examine and improve the high school system as a whole. [ Learn More... ]

Graduation Information: Listings of Graduation Requirements, Graduation Ceremony Schedules and profiles of PPS Graduates. [ Learn More... ]

PPS Pathways: A PPS initiative that offers students the academic foundation and career-related skills needed for post-secondary training higher education. [ Learn More... ]

Career & Technical Information: PPS partners with local and national busniesses to ensure that graduating students can thrive in the 21st century economy. [ Learn More... ]

Educational Options: PPS offers educational alternatives for students whos needs are not currently being met in traditional school settings. [ Learn More... ]

Athletics: The Oregon School Activities Association is reclassifying high schools into athletic leagues. This will affect Portland's ten high schools. [ Learn More... ]

PPS High Schools: School Profiles, Event Schedules, and Staff Listings via links to individual websites of each PPS High School. [ Learn More... ]

Individual School Data: Summaries of enrollment, performance and graduation statistics for each PPS High School. [ Learn More... ]

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