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Assessment Test Results 2009

Every spring, students in grades 3-8 and grade 10 participate in an annual assessment based on state or district reading and math goals for that grade. Selecting a school below will give you results from the 2009 assessment. State science and writing test results are also included for appropriate grades.

We suggest you start a review of test data with the Assessment Overview. More detailed information is also available. It is organized by questions you might want to answer for the school. While the relevant graph from the Assessment Overview is repeated there, you will also find tables that show the precise numbers represented in the graphs.

To begin, select a school name to get information about that school. For District results, select District as the school.

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Select a school:

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Assessment Overviews  This presentation shows how District performed on the 2012 state and district assessment tests.

Questions about our school:
  1. How did the District perform against the assessment benchmarks?
  2. Has the District's performance improved over time?
  3. Are the District's demographic groups performing equally?
  4. How do the District special program students perform on assessments?
  5. How successful are the District's long-term students?
  6. Are the District students at all performance levels showing growth?
  7. What are the District's strongest and weakest content areas?
  8. Is the District making Adequate Yearly Progress?