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2008-09 Course Syllabus

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Course Instructor School
10010: English 9 Wallace, Kristin Jefferson
1001EL: English 1 Cullerton, Michael Jefferson
10020: English 10 Kulak, Andrew Jefferson
1002EL: ELD English 2 Cullerton, Michael Jefferson
10030: English 11 Coffey, Daniel Jefferson
10030: English 11 Novinger, Anne Jefferson
10040: English 12 Coffey, Daniel Jefferson
10040: English 12 Novinger, Anne Jefferson
1005EL: Literature 1-2 Cullerton, Michael Jefferson
1007EL: ELD Composition Cullerton, Michael Jefferson
10210 S1: Creative Writing S1 Coffey, Daniel Jefferson
10310ASR: Xtreme Reading 9 Thompson, RaeAnn Jefferson
1061EL: ELD English Cullerton, Michael Jefferson
11011A1: Dance 1 African S1 Gonzales, Steve Jefferson
11011A2: Dance 1 African S2 Gonzales, Steve Jefferson
11011B1: Dance 1 Ballet S1 Gonzales, Steve Jefferson
11011FB: Dance 1 Ballet FY Gonzales, Steve Jefferson
11011J2: Dance 1 Jazz 1 S2 Gonzales, Steve Jefferson
11011T1: Dance 1 Tap S1 Ellett, Anne Jefferson
11011T2: Dance 1 Tap S2 Ellett, Anne Jefferson
11012B: Dance 2 Ballet Gonzales, Steve Jefferson
11012T: Dance 2 Tap Ellett, Anne Jefferson
11012T1: Dance 2 Tap S1 Wilhelmi, Kasia Jefferson
110134T: Dance 3/4 Tap Wilhelmi, Kasia Jefferson
11013B: Dance 3 Ballet Gonzales, Steve Jefferson
11014B: Dance 4 Ballet Gonzales, Steve Jefferson
11014J: Dance 4 Jazz Gonzales, Steve Jefferson
1101D1: Level 1 Dance Gonzales, Steve Jefferson
1101INA1: Dance Intro to African S1 Gonzales, Steve Jefferson
1101INA2: Dance Intro to African S2 Gonzales, Steve Jefferson
1101INB1: Dance Intro to Ballet S1 Gonzales, Steve Jefferson
1101INB2: Intro to Ballet S2 Gonzales, Steve Jefferson
1101INJ1: Dance Intro to Jazz S1 Gonzales, Steve Jefferson
1101INJ2: Dance Intro to Jazz S2 Gonzales, Steve Jefferson
1109JD1: Jefferson Dancers S1 Gonzales, Steve Jefferson
1109JD2: Jefferson Dancers S2 Gonzales, Steve Jefferson
11141: Theatre Appreciation Forsythe, Josh Jefferson
1114A: Theatre 1 Forsythe, Josh Jefferson
1114B: Theatre 2 Forsythe, Josh Jefferson
11610: Art Studies 1 Hargrave, Amy Jefferson
1161A: Art Studies 2 Hargrave, Amy Jefferson
1161B: Art Studies 3 Hargrave, Amy Jefferson
11640: Ceramics Hargrave, Amy Jefferson
11710: Photography Hargrave, Amy Jefferson
11720: Digital Media/Video 1-2 Edwards, Leonard Jefferson
11890: Digital Media/Video Edwards, Leonard Jefferson
11890: Digital Media/Video Edwards, Leonard Jefferson
11950: Digital Media/Video 1-2 Edwards, Leonard Jefferson
11950: Digital Media/Video 1-2 Edwards, Leonard Jefferson
1201A: Spanish 1-2 Hall- Ramirez, Ronda Jefferson
1201C: Spanish 5-6 Hall- Ramirez, Ronda Jefferson
17110: Biology Pringle, Stephanie Jefferson
1751EC: Ecology 1-2 Pringle, Stephanie Jefferson
19050: Yearbook Hargrave, Amy Jefferson
20320: Algebra 1-2 Batliner, Derrick Jefferson
20320: Algebra 1-2 Bisorca, George Jefferson
20330: Algebra 3-4 Batliner, Derrick Jefferson
20340: Geometry Bisorca, George Jefferson
27040: Global Studies Shelton, Wendy Jefferson
27040SR: Global Studies Thompson, RaeAnn Jefferson
27210: U.S. History Tsohonis, JoAnn Jefferson
2730: U.S. Government Shelton, Wendy Jefferson

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