Instructor: RaeAnn Thompson
School: Jefferson
School year: 2008-09
Course number: 10310ASR
Course title: Xtreme Reading 9
Subject: English Language and Literature
Grade level(s): 9
Credits: 1
Course description:
This course increases comprehension, vocabulary, and fluency by teaching reading strategies that can be used across the content areas.
Students selected for this research grant intervention class must be 2 or more years below grade level in reading, but must be no more than 3.5 grade levels.
Priority standards:
This course will address the grade-level priority standards listed below. Descriptions of these standards are available online at:

9th Grade Priority Standards: 9.01, 9.02, 9.03, 9.04, 9.05
Schedule of topics/units covered:
Students will study the Word Mapping, Word Identification, Self-Questioning, Visual Imagery, Paraphrasing, and Inference reading strategies.
Academic vocabulary:
Academic vocabulary will have a focus on those derived from Greek and Latin roots and prefixes.
District adopted materials:
Students will use Xtreme Reading materials developed the University of Kansas Strategic Learning Center. These strategies are research based.
Supplemental resources:
Students will read novels that compliment the strategy instruction detailed above. Students use guided reading to address acquisition of strategies within text. They will also read a variety of fiction and non-fiction books at their reading level at their choosing.
Differentiation/accessibility strategies and support (TAG, ELL, SpEd, other):
ELL students at or above level 3/4 are included in the class, and vocabulary and word attack strategies are differentiated for them.
SPED students with less than 200 minutes of Language Arts designated on an IEP plan are also included in the class with focused reading strategies that support IEP goals.

All students, including TAG, have access to strategy instruction differentiated by level of assigned reading material.
Final proficiencies:
Students will use the strategies listed above to complete fluency checks, comprehension assessments and pre and post tests.
Career-related learning experiences (CRLEs):
Essential skills to be taught:
  • Read and comprehend
  • Listen actively and speak clearly
  • Think critically
  • Personal management and teamwork
Essential skills to be assessed:
  • Read and comprehend
  • Listen actively and speak clearly
  • Think critically
  • Personal management and teamwork
Assessment/evaluation/grading policy:
Students are assessed through strategy instruction, fluency, and pre and post assessments.
Final grades will be based on a standard scale:
90-100% - A
80-89% - B
70-79% - C
60-69% - D
0-59% - F
Behavioral expectations:
Student use the ACHIEVE behavioral component in this research-based model to address behavioral issues such as goal setting, working in a group, and class participation.
Safety issues and requirements:
none beyond that of the regular classroom.

Approved by Margaret Calvert on 9/24/2008.