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Baseline Essay Pricing & Ordering Information

Catalog No. Title Price
99-0146A African-American Baseline Essays $25.00
99-0147 African-American Lesson Plans K-5 $35.00
99-0148 Using the African-American Baseline Essays .25
99-0150 Hispanic Heritage Lesson Plans K-12 $30.00
99-0151 Hispanic Heritage Lesson Plans Grades K-2 $5.00
99-0152 Hispanic Heritage Lesson Plans Grades 3-5 $5.00
99-0153 Hispanic Heritage Grade 6 Unit Plan $5.00
99-0154 Hispanic Heritage Lesson Plans Grades 6-8 $5.00
99-0155 Hispanic Heritage Lesson Plans Grades 9-12 $5.00
99-0156 Hispanic-American Profiles/Posters $6.00
99-0157 Multicultural/Multiethnic Education in Portland Public Schools $1.50
99-0264 Hispanic Heritage Baseline Essays (Under Development) N.P.A.
99-0265 American Indian Baseline Essays $25.00
  American Indian Lesson Plans, K-12 *
99-0304 African Chants and Songs (resource book and tape) $10.00
  Asian-American Baseline Essays (under development) N.P.A.
  * Not available otside of the district  

Download Order Form (pdf help)

Ordering Information

All orders from schools and individuals within the Portland School District must be on a Textbook Order Form and must use catalog numbers. All non-video materials are still available at no charge within the school district.

All orders from outside districts should be made on official purchase orders, and schools will be billed according tothe procedures outlined. Orders from individuals must be paid in advance by check made payable to the Portland Public Schools. Prices inlude shipping by USPS Library rate.

The costs of publications are subject to revision.

Orders should be sent to:

Portland Public Schools
Educational Media Department
P.O. Box 3107
Portland, OR 97208
Attention: Mr. Craig Kurath

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