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The Baseline Essay Project
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Geocultural Baseline Essay Project



The Concept of Baseline Essays

What Characteristically is a Baseline Essay?

What are the Baseline Essays?

Who is the Audience for the Baseline Essays?



How to Order

Each publication is available, free of charge, to all Portland Public School District teachers and administrators simply by following the web link of the associated listing hereinabove (where such link exists), or by calling the Multicultural/Multiethnic Education Office at (503) 916-3183, (503) 916-3184, or by E-mailing your request to The Multicultural/Multiethnic Education Office. Where web access is not available to an interested user or an online weblink does not exist for an essay title, a limited quantity of hardcopies may be available at cost to educators outside of the Portland Public Schools District.

For more information, click here to go to our Pricing and Ordering Page.

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