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The Baseline Essay Project
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Geocultural Baseline Essay Project


The Concept of Baseline Essays

What Characteristically is a Baseline Essay?


What are the Baseline Essays?

Baseline Essays are reference volumes each consisting of six or seven individual essays written in traditional subject-matter areas. Together, the Essays document the history, culture(s) and contributions of a specific geocultural group. Each series of Essays (African-American [Af-Am], American Indian [Am-In], Hispanic-American [Hi-Am], Asian-American [As-Am], and European- American [Eu-Am]) represents the holistic themetic history of people(s) in ancient times on the continent of origin and from the early to recent times in the United States of America. Each geocultural essay series is reviewed by one general consultant, District staff and a planning/advisory committee (e.g. Hispanic Planning Advisory Committee, American Indian Curriculum Committee, African-American Curriculum Consultants ...) The table below summarizes the the product of the baseline essay project. The world map shows the continental and national breakdown of the cultural world. (Note that by standard geograhic definition of a continent, Europe and Asia are not separate continents but, together, constitute one (Eurasia) because they are, together, surrounded by water.) Each book icon in the table represents a specific electronically available essay. The associated essay can be viewed online by clicking the icon. Other links in the table provide additional information about the essay series.




Am In








Essay Subjects Art  
Language Arts  
Social Science  
Physical Education & Health    
Science & Technology  

* Essay series related to the same continent (Eurasia) and its diaspora


Who is the Audience for the Baseline Essays?

The Essays Listing by Geocultural Group, Title, and Author

How to Order

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