PPS Graduation Ceremonies on DVD

DVD copies of PPS graduation ceremonies can be purchased for $20.00 per copy. Please send checks to TV Services, 501 N. Dixon St., Portland OR 97227. Checks should be made out to TV Services and be sure to include your return address and phone number and indicate which year and which school's ceremony you wish to receive.

2013 PPS Graduation Ceremonies Playback Schedule:

Graduation ceremonies can be viewed on Comcast Portland Channel 28 and on the PPS 28 live page. Playback times for graduations start June 29 and end August 7.

Madison Mondays 4:00pm, Saturdays 11:30am
Roosevelt Mondays 10:00am, Sundays 9:00pm
Benson Tuesdays 8:00am, Wednesdays 7:00pm
Cleveland Tuesdays 10:00am, Thursdays 6:00pm
Franklin Wednesdays 8:00am, Tuesdays 9:00pm
Grant Wednesdays 10:30am, Thursdays 9:00pm
Jefferson  Saturdays 7:00pm, Sundays Noon
Lincoln Thursdays 10:00am, Tuesdays 6:30pm
Wilson  Fridays  8:00am, Saturdays 9:00pm
(AllianceHS ) Meek Pro-Tech      Saturdays 1:00pm, Sunday 3:00pm
(Alliance HS) Benson Night Saturdays 2:00pm, Mondays 9:30pm

View replays of PPS Grads on Comcast Portland Channel 28 or online at