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Talented and Gifted

Portland Public Schools is dedicated to identifying and providing for the unique academic and social emotional needs of Talented and Gifted students across the district. Our goal is to provide educational opportunities to students of all racial, ethnic, and socio-economic groups, to provide informational training to educators, and to provide consistent challenge for all students.

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Vision Statement for 2015-2016

The Department of Talented and Gifted in Portland Public Schools is committed to the overseeing, supporting, and monitoring (in collaboration with other departments and regional office and school-based staff) the programs for talented and gifted students district-wide.  We are committed to evaluating our processes, systems, guidelines, policies, philosophies and innovation in order to better meet the needs of our students and guide the present work into a more meaningful and sustainable program. We will strive to make intelligent decisions through the equity lens in an effort to be mindful of all stakeholders perspectives and histories. We will instill trust and a collaborative climate into everything we do. We will communicate openly and through transparency, with passion and commitment to our students and work. We will seek out and provide professional development for our teachers so they may be more successful in such complex, demanding and challenging work. We will advocate, create, implement and support a variety of programs and learning experiences for all our TAG students. We will shape our thoughts and behaviors away from intention and toward pathways that create impact and meaning. 



Wilson's Sagan Ghim 2nd Society of Human Genetics essay contest; written in OHSU Partnership for Scientific Inquiry 

Sagan Ghim

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Exciting news from the ACCESS Academy!

Agustin Montes, a 5th grader at PPS' ACCESS Academy, was nominated by teachers and community members to receive OATAG's annual Young Scholars Award.  This annual award is given to one student in the State of Oregon who has demonstrated excellence in at least one of the following areas of endeavor:  leadership, visual/performing arts, or academic achievement. The Young Scholars Award winner receives a certificate at OATAG's annual conference in October as well as a scholarship to a summer program.  

This years winner, Agustin, was nominated based upon his demonstrated leadership and academic achievement.  Not only does he excel in school but also enjoys playing sports, learning about exotic automobiles, and is interested in becoming an engineer when he's older.  Agustin is a role model for all students in school and is a great brother and son to his family members at home.  

Portland Public Schools is very proud of Agustin's accomplishment of being chosen as OATAG's Young Scholar Award winner.  We look forward to seeing Agustin continue his success throughout his schooling and are excited to hear what summer program he chooses with his scholarship. 


The TAG Office is currently located at the Rice Professional Development Academy:

        6433 NE Tillamook Portland, Oregon 97213

        Phone: 503-916-3358



  Program Director, Andrew Johnson wjohnson1@pps.net



TAG Support

Kim Bertelsen: Cleveland, Lincoln, Madison, kbertelsen@pps.net 503-916-3412  

Tessalie Schulte: Franklin, Grant, Wilson, tschulte@pps.net 503-916-3413

Palmyra Mclellarn: Roosevelt, Jefferson, PPS Charters pmclella@pps.net 503-916-3358 EXT 71028