Student Transportation Forms


Request For Change Of Special Ed Drop Off Procedures (pdf)

Default drop off to home procedure is all special education students must be met at the door of the vehicle. This default status can be changed to less restrictive with parent and principal/program permission. This form is the method to change that status.
Parental Request For Hitcher Transportation On Existing Routes (pdf) Parents of open transfer students may apply for permission for students to ride as hitchers on existing routes at existing stops. Limitations apply, please see form for details.
This form is for providing information for your child so that we may ensure a proper fit for your student’s needs with either a CAR SEAT or a SAFETY SUPPORT SYSTEM. This is for students transported in our small Special Education buses and our contract companies with sedans and vans.
Tri-Met Bus Ticket Request/ Distribution (pdf) Used to request Tri-Met Tickets/Passes for qualified AT and Special Education Students.
Tri-Met Bus Ticket Request - General Education Special Programs (pdf) Used by General Education Special Programs to request/purchase Tri-Met Tickets/Passes.
Student/Bus ID Tags (pdf) White tag worn by Kindergarten - 3rd grade students during mandatory tagging during first three weeks of school. Yellow tag used by ECEC Pre-K and selected ESL students requiring students to be met at the door of the bus by a responsible person when arriving at their to home stop.
Adult/Volunteer Bus Pass (pdf) Bus pass used by school adminstrators to allow authorized adults/volunteers to ride to ride to/from school on school buses for authorized activities, on a space available basis.
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