Work Samples

Work Samples are due June 12, 2015

Schools are required to offer a local performance assessment once per year for grades 3-8 and once during high school in each of 4 subjects: writing, math, science and speaking. PPS uses work samples scored with state scoring guides to fulfull this requirement.

State Scoring Guides 

HS Work Sample/Essential Skill Information

Work Sample Entry Sheets

Classroom Work Samples - FAQ's (pdf)

Where/How do I submit my work sample scores?
Teachers will eventually have the ability to enter work samples directly in Synergy. The IT department continues to work with the vendor to get the module up and running.  More information will be coming soon about this.

Synergy will also have instructions on entering work samples.  High School data clerks can click here for Synergy instructions/resources.
Grades 3-8 refer to this document.
For additional help on entering work samples contact the IT service desk at 503-916-3375.

Work Samples for an ELL student.
Work samples can be done in the home language of the student. The person scoring the work sample needs to score the sample based on the State scoring guide.

2003-04 PAT-PPS Work Sample Agreement