State Assessments

Oregon state testing is called OAKS (Oregon Assessment of Knowledge and Skills), and students take the reading/literature, math and science tests via the OAKS Online computer-based system.  The tests are adaptive and items are selected according to each student’s demonstrated ability (the test determines the item difficulty of the next item based on the item just answered). All of the test items have been developed by Oregon teachers and reviewed by Oregon experts. The OAKS Online test window is November through May.  Portland schools determine their own testing schedules within this window.



2015-16 State and District Assessment Calendar 

Who Tests?

Who Administers Testing?



Test Descriptions

Achievement Standards Summary

Achievement Standards Detail

Test Specifications

Test Descriptors: Mathematics,

Reading, Science.

Subject-Specific OAKS Information

Mathematics Assessment

Reading Assessment

Science Assessment

Writing Assessment



Test Resources

2014-15 Oregon Accessibility Manual (OAM)

Parent Request for Exemption (Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Somali, Vietnamese)
Administrator instructions for parental testing exemption requests.


Paper Sample Tests (test key and scores are provided)


2014-2015 Test Administration Manual


Assessment Test Results


State Conversion Chart