Photo of shelves in warehouse side view

Records & Information Management

Assure the appropriate tracking and storage of records created and maintained by the Portland Public School District and provide reference and retrieval services to district schools and offices and to the general public. Provide for the timely destruction of records which have reached their legal retention period and ensure the preservation of records which have been determined to have continuing value.

Located at:

501 N Dixon

Portland, Oregon 97227

~From the main lobby take the stairs or elevator to L2 & proceed to the end of the hall through the orange doors and arrive in L2-50, Records Management  


Mailing Address:

PPS Records Management 

PO Box 3107 

Portland, Oregon 97208-3107


Office Phone: 503.916.2000 x74860, Fax: 503.916.2722 Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8am-5pm