Reconnection Services

What is your dream?

Do you dream of graduating? How about going to college? Maybe becoming a nurse? What about owning your own business? Or even supporting a family?

If you need assistance finding your way back to high school to complete your education and achieve your dream, we are here to assist you.


 What: The PPS Reconnect to Your Future campaign will be reaching out to students who left any district high school including alternative, charter or community based school last year and hasn't re-enrolled as of September 9th.

You and a trained district staff person will knock on the doors of students who are not in school, invite them back to school and give them resources to get them reconnected. This is not a punitive visit. It's about supporting and encouraging kids to return to school.

When: Saturday, September 13, 8:30 am to 1 pm

Where: Go to the registration website to view the high schools where volunteers will be meeting up and forming teams. When you hit the “register” button, you can choose the high school meeting spot that is most convenient for you.

Register:  Deadline to register is Friday, September 12th, 2014  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER ONLINE 

Details: We will provide snacks and water and each team will take a breaks as necessary.

What to Wear: Walking shoes and clothing suitable for outdoors. A fanny pack, messenger bag or light backpack may be useful for carrying flyers, water and snacks.

Contact: If you have questions, please contact the PPS Reconnection Services, Sheri Afrank at 503-916-3956 or


Reconnection Services started out of the need to provide every disengaged youth hope and access to their dream of graduating. Historically, if students are not re-engaged immediately upon request, they are discouraged and they disengage for even longer periods of time.

Reconnection Services is a collaborative effort in Portland Public Schools to support middle and high school students in re-engaging in their education. We work with students who have disconnected from school and need assistance in re-enrolling in either their neighborhood school or another education option.

Contact us:

If you are a student who needs assistance in getting back into school, 
If you are a parent, counselor, teacher, or community member who knows a student who could use our services.

Contact us in one of the following ways:

Phone: 503-916-3956
Complete the following form: Reconnection Services contact form