Legal Goverance of District Procurement and Contracting


Portland Public Schools is governed by numerous laws, rules, and District policies and administrative directives.

“Statutes” are laws passed by a city, state, or federal legislative body.  In Oregon, the Oregon Revised Statutes is that “code” of laws passed by the Oregon Legislature.  The Public Contracting Code collects the Oregon statutes that govern public procurement and contracting at the District.  These laws can be found at ORS 279A, ORS 279B, ORS 279C.  

Additionally, Oregon Administrative Rules are statements issued by a state agency that interpret, implement, or prescribe law or policy.  These rules derive from statutes, are adopted at the direction of the legislature, and carry the force of law in District procurements and contracting. 

Policies and administrative directives are statements adopted by the Board of Education, the District’s governing body.   More specifically, a “policy” states a principal or goal the Board wants to achieve, while an "administrative directive" provides details on how to carry the policy out:  what to do, how to do it, and who does it.

In August 2010, the Board of Education adopted revised PPS Public Contracting Rules.  These rules have their base in Oregon statutes and administrative rules and are guided by the Attorney General’s model rules.  Within the District, the PPS Public Contracting Rules have the force of policy.

The goal is to provide the legal framework for District procurement and contracting in a manner that is transparent, equitable, and accountable to taxpayers and auditors.