PAT Contract Talks

Teams from Portland Public Schools (PPS) and the Portland Association of Teachers (PAT) are bargaining a new contract for Portland’s 2,800 teachers. This contract sets many rules that affect the quality of education your student receives. These include:

  • Learning time for students.
  • How teachers are hired and assigned.
  • Pay and benefits for teachers.

This page provides information about the bargaining process and about important issues in the talks.

PPS/PAT Tentative Agreement Summary (PDF)

PPS/PAT Tentative Agreement (PDF)

PPS Latest Mediation Proposal - 2/10/14 (PDF)

PPS Mediation Proposal - 1/30/14 (PDF)

PPS Mediation Proposal - 1/16/14 (PDF)

PPS Tentative Agreements (PDF)

PPS Final Offer (PDF)

PAT Final Offer (PDF)


Perspectives on PAT Contract Talks

What do many parents and community members think about PAT contract issues? Monday, September 23rd, the School Board heard the results of a new survey.


School administrators share their views about Portland's teacher contract with PPS School Board at September 23rd Board meeting.