Pre-Kindergarten Programs

 PPS Early Learner programs

PPS Pre-Kindergarten programs: Boise-Eliot,  Faubion, King, and Woodlawn. Families must qualify for the federal Free and Reduced-priced Meals program and live in the "catchment area" of a school receiving Title I funding to be eligible. Applications are now available. To learn more about the enrollment process and timeline,  go to the Funded Programs website

The new Clarendon Regional Early Learning Center in North Portland will offer early Head Start, Head Start, and pre-kindergarten programs and will open in the Fall.  

PPS Early Learners Academy at the Ramona, 1545 NW 13th Street offers PK, Head Start and Early Head Start classrooms. For more information, call 503-916-5360.

PPS Fee-based Pre-Kindergarten, 
Richmond Japanese Immersion school, 2276 SE 41st, 503-916-6220. Fees are $750 per month for a full-day program. Scholarships available for families qualifying for the Free and Reduced-Priced Lunch Program. The 2014-15 application process is now over.

For all PPS pre-kindergarten programs, children must be 4 years old by September 1 to enroll. If the child is 5 by September 1, he/she is no longer eligible for Pre-K and should enroll in kindergarten.

Head Start

Multnomah Early Childhood PEER program
Multnomah Early Childhood Program has a PEER program for children three to five years of age. This is an integrated preschool for children with identified learning challenges and their non-disable peers. PEERS have the option of coming 2 times a week for 2.15 hours each day. The cost to attend is $5 per session on a sliding scale. For more information, call 503-261-5535.

Connect, Instruct, and Learn is a unique family involvement and early childhood education program working with Spanish-speaking families.  CIA is based on Parents as Teachers’ nationally acclaimed and research based parent education curriculum, Born to Learn. The program is delivered via bi-monthly home visits from a trained Home Visitor, who is a member of the community she serves. 

Children must be two, three, or four by September 1st, the start of the school year for which they are enrolling.  Spanish must be the primary language in the home of one or both parents/guardians. For more information, contact the Funded Programs department at 503-916-3789.


Preschool and childcare database
Need to find preschools, childcare or daycare in Portland? Search the Oregon childcare Resource and Referral Network and search by zip code or call 1-800-342-6712

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