Full-Day , Half-Day, and Fee-for-Service Kindergarten

NEW: For the 2015-16 school year, kindergarten will be full day (6 hours) and free to all families in Portland Public Schools.

Information below is for the current 2014-15 school year only

Every elementary or K-8 school in PPS offers full-day kindergarten. In Oregon, the state covers only the cost of half-day kindergarten. As a result, the second half of the school day is either covered through federal funding (free to parents) or is tuition based (paid by parents) and called "fee-for-service"kindergarten (scholarships are available to qualifying families).

Fee-for-Service Kindergarten -
The last year of fee-for-service kindergarten is the 2014-15 school year. Beginning 2015-16, full-day kindergarten will be free to parents. Fee-for-service kindergarten
is a district program in which families pay tuition for the second half of the day.
Tuition for the 2014-15school year is $400 per month, September through May or $3,600 for the school year.

To enroll in full-day, fee-for-service kindergarten, please go to your school to pick up a registration packet.

  • The packet includes a fee-for-service kindergarten contract (Spanish)All parents with children in full-day fee-based kindergarten sign a contract whether or not they are paying. Spanish, Mandarin
  • Payment plan options include auto payments by credit card or auto withdrawal (Spanish) from a bank account.  Parents can also pay monthly by sending the district a personal check or they can pay the entire amount at once.
  • Financial aid is available for eligible families. Scroll down for more information. 

Payment information: For receipts, PPS Tax I.D. number, account information, or to update your credit card number or expiration date, email: accountsreceivable@pps.net and include child's name, school, customer number (if you know it). Or call 503-916-3005. Mail payments to: Portland Public Schools, P.O. Box 3107, Portland OR 97208-3107 Attn: Accounts Receivable.

Financial Aid (Spanish): If you have received an eligibility letter from Nutrition Services noting you qualify for Free or Reduced-priced meals, then you will receive a waiver and not need to pay tuition.

  • Tuition waivers are available for families who qualify for the Free and Reduced-priced Meals program  (income cut-off is approximately $3,600/month for a family of 4), for families with a foster child, and for families repeating kindergarten (and enrolled in a PPS school).
    • To indicate that you will be requesting a tuition waiver, check the Tuition Waiver box in section 3 on the Fee-for-Service kindergarten contract.   
    • In August, the district will send you information to confirm your eligiblity.
    • If you qualify for the federal Free or Reduced-priced Meals program (FARM), you will qualify for a tuition waiver and not have to pay tuition.
  •  Tuition Discounts are available to families who do not qualify for FARM but whose income is 250% of the poverty rate or less (approximately $4,900 for a family of 4). Tuition discounts are 50% of the tuition rate. To determine your eligilbity, please check the Tuition Discount box in section 3 of your contract and attach a completed Tuition Discount Application (Spanish). Please deliver both the contract and the application form to the front desk of your school.
  • Payment Plans: The district will work with you to develop an individual payment plan if you do not qualify for financial aid.

Half-day kindergarten is a free option for families whose neighborhood school offers only full-day, fee-for-service kindergarten.  For important guidelines about half-day kindergarten, please click here.

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For questions about full-day and half-day kindergarten, and fee-for-service kindergarten, please contact Nancy Hauth at 503-916-3230 or nhauth@pps.net