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Mac Users - Searching on Firefox and Safari Update


We have learned that any MacOS users running any version of Safari and Firefox are unable to search in Outlook Web. We have spoken to Microsoft and learned this is a worldwide problem Microsoft will fix the bug and although they have no ETA currently they anticipate it being fixed in the next couple weeks. They have committed to communicating with us every two days but suggest users spot check to see if it has been resolved.


The workaround we have found so far is to use Chrome as it appears to be unaffected. The Outlook client is also unaffected and can be used for searching as well.

To access your email go to www.outlook.com/pps.net

What’s Happening?
Microsoft has informed us they will be modifying our web-based email system to the newest version of Outlook webmail. On Sunday, Sept. 22, Microsoft will begin to make look and feel changes to our Office365 web-based environment. With this change comes a more minimalist look in Outlook webmail.

What can I expect?
Microsoft has assured us that there should be no disruption to email access while they update the look and feel of webmail through the evening of Sunday, Sept. 22. There are no changes to the items listed below.

·         Web Address: You will still login to your email by going to www.outlook.com/pps.net.

·         Username and Password: You will still login with your PPS email and password.

·         Mobile Devices: Your mobile devices, smartphones and tables will stay connected!

·         Contacts and Groups:  Your contacts and groups will still be available.

·         Proxy Access: Your access to other email accounts and calendars will still be available.

·         Outlook Client: You do not need to upgrade, nor will there be any look and feel changes to the client.

What is changing?

When you log into www.outlook.com/pps.net you will notice a few differences. Click here to view some before and after screen shots. A few of the noticeable changes are:

·         Default Color Theme changes from orange to blue, however you can still change your color theme

          from the available options provided by Microsoft.

·         Your Contacts are now referred to as People.

·         Mail, Calendar and People were listed along the left side of the page. They are now listed across the top of
the page.

·         New Mail used to open a new window. It now displays on the right side of the page.

·         Right Click is still available although the menu options have changed slightly.

·         Sign Out used to be listed along the top of the page. Now click your name and choose Sign out.

Browser Compatibility with O365
IT has done some browser compatibility testing, please review the O365 Browser Testing document for more information.  The main two issues are:

  • Microsoft does not support IE 7 or IE 8 on Windows XP.
  • Many versions of Firefox on different Operating Systems don't show the Send option. In order to see the Send button switch to full screen mode by pushing F11 on your keyboard. Microsoft is aware of the issue and is working toward a resolution.

Contact the IT Service Desk with any concerns or questions:
itservicedesk@pps.net or 503-916-3375.