Russian - Русский



To provide an enriched education for our students while developing fluency in both the Russian and English languages


Your child can achieve academic excellence and bilingual skills in Russian and English by enrolling in the Kelly Two-Way Russian Immersion Program. In this program two languages are used for instruction, and two groups of students are involved – students who are Russian speakers and students who are primarily English speakers.

Your child will learn the same academic core content as all other educational programs in Portland Public Schools. In addition, your child will also become skilled in Russian language and culture.

We strongly encourage you to enroll your child in this program. With more than 20 years of evidence from similar programs in our District, including Japanese, Spanish and Chinese, we know that students can be successful in both English and another language.

The program accepts children entering Kindergarten. These students continue in the program until they complete grade 5. Students entering first through fifth grades with some Russian language skills can also be accepted. Please contact school for more info.

After completing 5th grade your child will have the opportunity to continue in the Russian program until high school graduation.
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