Student Teaching and Practicum/Internship Information

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Student teachers are important to Portland Public Schools (PPS). Human Resources encourages universities to place student teachers within PPS classrooms for their practicum and field experiences to enable cooperating teachers to help prepare the next generation of PPS teachers.

Student teacher placement and field experiences are a result of formal agreements between Portland Public Schools and individual universities. Before a student teacher/intern may be placed in one of the District's schools, a formal agreement with the university must be on file in the PPS central office.

If you are a university and would like to request a contract agreement, please send an email to If you would like to confirm that your University already has a contract in place please click here.

If you are conducting an Observation, contact the school to make the appropriate arrangements and complete the volunteer background check at the school.

Note: Priority will be given to Oregon and Washington universities seeking a formal student teacher agreement. Agreements with universities outside of Oregon and Washington will be considered on an individual basis,and are contingent upon the school Principal accepting an out of state placement and contract approval. The process to finalize the contract can take up to 6 weeks, and does not include the time it takes to facilitate the placement with the Principal. Please plan accordingly for placing students in a timely manner. Contracts are drafted for three year terms. The District reserves the right to decline a partnership with any Institution. 

 Useful links for universities and PPS schools:

 Student Teacher Placement Assessment Templates:

If you are a current Portland Public Schools teacher obtaining an administrator endorsement or additional endorsements, you will not be required to complete the background check process. Please confirm your placement with the PPS Administrator and your university.


Last updated: August 2014