Draft Resolution for Sunnyside



  1. Over the last two years, under the leadership of the Board of Education (“Board”) and the Superintendent, Portland Public Schools (“PPS”) has engaged in an in-depth analysis of its high school system with the goal of improving its high schools to ensure better academic outcomes for all students.  This process has involved input from thousands of students, staff members, families and citizens. 
  2. As part of this process, and at the direction of the Board, District staff, community members, parents and students engaged in a meaningful manner in the analysis of potential boundary options. Families at all of the impacted K-8 and middle schools were contacted throughout this process using multiple communication mechanisms; administrators and staff provided input. Sunnyside K-8 was one of the schools involved in this process. During October of 2010, all Sunnyside families received a letter communicating proposed modifications to the Sunnyside feeder pattern.
  3. Currently, the majority of the Sunnyside boundary feeds to Franklin, with a small portion feeding to Cleveland. The current feeder pattern designated 63 Sunnyside students to Franklin and 20 Sunnyside students to Cleveland (13 of the 20 students actually attend Cleveland). The streets included within the Sunnyside K-8 attendance boundary that feed to Cleveland include: North of Hawthorne from SE 22nd Ave to SE 23rd Ave to Main Street and North of Main street and east of SE 23rd to Morrison Street
  4. In order to make decisions in a reasonable timeframe, and minimize impact on students from K to 12, the scope of this analysis was based on using K5 and K-8 boundaries as the building blocks for new assignments.
  5. As per board policy and administrative directives, staff used the following criteria to judge various boundary options:
      • Enrollment stability: Projected enrollment at receiving schools must be above 1300 and the difference in enrollment between schools must not be more than 300 students.  Facility capacity should be considered to ensure that assigned enrollment is not greater than capacity.
      • Proximity:  Students should be assigned whenever feasible to the closest school to their home, and must be able to access their assigned school using Trimet in a reasonable amount of time that allows students to fully participate in their school program.
      • Student impact:  Boundary decisions should minimize the total number of students reassigned, and keep students together after 8th grade to the extent possible.
      • Economic Diversity:  Boundary decisions should strive to establish a mix of students with different socioeconomic backgrounds across schools to the extent possible. Some research shows that economic diversity can be correlated with higher academic performance of all students at a school.
  6. Arriving at a recommendation requires prioritizing the above criteria relative to one another.   Throughout the high school system design process, the Superintendent has held enrollment balance as the highest priority in order to achieve the explicit goal of ensuring access to all students to an equivalent, high quality core program in each school, which requires schools to have enrollment that falls within a similar range. Feedback from the community throughout this process has indicated that proximity is held as an extremely high value by parents and students system-wide. Balancing economic diversity also emerged as a high priority among community members. The board has in the past worked to eliminate split feeder patterns and minimize the impact of boundary changes on existing students.  In line with community feedback regarding these criteria, the Superintendent and her staff strived to find the option that best balanced the impact of all of criteria, rather than maximizing the benefit of one criterion relative to the others.
  7. Sunnyside K-8 currently feeds two high schools: Cleveland and Franklin. Per Board policy and administrative directives, staff proposes that Sunnyside feed to only one high school: Franklin High School.
  8. The Ad Hoc Committee on Student Assignment, Program Initiation, and Reconfiguration (SAPIR) reviewed the impact of this boundary change on January 11th, 2011.


  • The Board of Education for Portland Public Schools accepts the recommendation of Superintendent Smith to shift the entire Sunnyside feeder pattern to Franklin High School.