Long Range Facilities Plan

In November 2011 Portland Public Schools (PPS) initiated an update to its Long Range Facility Plan. The purpose of the plan is to evaluate the adequacy of existing educational facilities, plan for future capital facilities spending and address how the student population will be housed over the next 10 years. This Long Range Facility Plan also meets the requirements of ORS 195.110, School Facility Plan for Large School Districts.

PPS staff worked closely with the Long Range Facility Plan Advisory Committee (Advisory Committee) to develop the plan. The Advisory Committee, established in November 2011, provided a community voice for the planning process. Their role was to represent the interests of the overall community, consider the long-term facility needs of the District, develop and give feedback on plan options and make a recommendation to the Superintendent.

The Advisory Committee met nine times and held five sub-committee meetings over the course of five months to review background information, draft guiding principles and respond to various planning alternatives. The Advisory Committee provided valuable insight to the planning process and reflected the diversity of opinions that exist within the District. The Advisory Committee learned about PPS facilities through a series of issue papers. The issue papers are contained in their entirety in the appendix of this document.

PPS Long Range Facilities Plan