Utility Data

Summary Data Fiscal Year Ending (FYE) June 30, 2013

Total Utility Cost = $9,380,681

  • Electricity: 
  • Natural Gas:
  • Water and Sewer:
  • Garbage:

102 sites (86 Schools or Special Ed Programs, 16 Admin/Other/Leased/Vacant)

About 9,000,000 sq ft

Average building age = 65 years

PPS Utility Data Questions

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Utility Providers

Portland General Electric
Pacific Power
SRI (Solar at Atkinson, Creston, Columbia, Jackson, Lane, Lent, Roseway Heights, Scott, Woodstock)

City of Portland
West Slope Water District (West Sylvan only)
City of Beaverton (West Sylvan only)

Natural Gas
Northwest Natural Gas

Albina Fuel Company

Waste Management