Facilities Seismic Study

In the summer of 2009, the District hired KPFF Consulting Engineers (KPFF) to conduct a seismic study of PPS school buildings. KPFF examined twelve school campuses as a representative sample of building construction types. KPFF developed the preliminary designs using American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) 31-03 for evaluation and ASCE 41-06 for seismic rehabilitation scheme.  These rehabilitation design schemes would bring PPS school buildings to current code.  Approximate costs were determined for two options:  1.)  the seismic retrofit, plus removal and replacement of finishes, and 2.) for the cost of the seismic work as part of a larger renovation.  Probable cost for construction estimates were extrapolated across all schools.

KPFF evaluated 12 representative buildings to:

  • Identify seismic deficiencies.
  • Develop preliminary rehabilitation options.
  • Develop probable cost for construction cost estimates for these options on a per-square-foot basis.

Seismic Study sections listed below:

In most cases, seismic rehabilitation work for PPS facilities is done on a voluntary basis. Exceptions may occur when a building permit for construction changes the occupancy, adds square footage, or alters or repairs a building. This seismic study updated the facilities condition index (FCI).

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