Maintenance Services

The Facilities Maintenance Department is responsible for the maintenance, repair and safe operation of PPS facilities. The Maintenance Department oversees approximately nine million square feet of building space in approximately 100 sites throughout Portland. We provide expertise in every aspect of building management and maintenance for all schools and buildings. The skilled trades mechanics' first priority is fire, life, and safety. Maintenance directs most of our licensed electronics technicians and one plumber to inspect and upgrade fire systems to meet code requirements.

In order to maintain and operate these buildings, maintenance employs 83 workers that includes two carpenters, nine electricians, 14 electronics technicians, three glaziers, two full time grounds keepers and five seasonal workers, two hardware technicians, two full time laborers and one seasonal, four machinists, one music instrument repairman, one painter, 10 plumbers, one roofer, 12 roving trades mechanics, two sheet metal workers, and 13 steamfitters.

To ensure reliability, efficiency and adequacy in all building maintenance and operations, we track repair work from initiation to completion, constantly monitoring and assessing quality and cost, through the use of a newly implemented web based work order system, and field site inspections to follow up on work performed.

The Facilities Maintenance Department is committed to ensuring a safe, secure, and orderly physical environment for our children and their teachers to keep them warm, safe and dry.

Tiger Team: Facilities has implemented a new approach to complete all work orders one site at a time. We review all work orders for all schools and create a schedule for repairs. Faciltiies sends a group of workman from all trades to the site and complete all the wor orders in about three days. The focus is to complete work orders of a more technical nature…electrical, heating, plumbing, and mechanical systems.

Rover Crew: Maintenance also employs 12 roving laborers that visit each site approximately every one and a half years performing small projects.

While these teams focus on specific schools and sites, the remaining maintenance department is dispatched to repair emergency and priority work orders that are submitted by school custodians, field operations supervisors, staff, and craft foreman.

Work requests that are not considered maintenance (capital improvements) are routed to Project Management for review and assigned to a project manager.