Sustainability News and Highlights

"Right Size" School Supplies at your School

Help the Center for Earth Leadership's Eco-School Network by completing this 1-3 minute survey!

It is our ambitious goal to reduce the overall purchase of new and unused school supplies.  With a combination of nurturing the responsible use of new supplies, rightsizing existing supply lists and storing re-usable supplies for the next school year, we hope to ensure classrooms have enough supplies and at the same time, work to prevent over-supply. Your response to the survey could help us reach our goal!


Youth Garden Education Workshop - April 18th

The Marion-Polk Food Share and the Salem-Keizer Education Foundation are teaming up again for our second annual, day-long Youth Garden Educator Workshop on April 18th, 8:30am-3:30pm.

The workshop is open to anyone and everyone, teachers, garden educators, and other interested people, oh my! We will have sessions on standards-based learning in the garden, successful youth garden design elements, thematic teaching in the garden, garden-coalition building, and plenty of hands-on garden activities where we actually get dirt under our fingernails. Rick Sherman from ODE will be kicking us off to a great start and we’ll finish the day with some networking time for garden educators to share ideas and build connections.

This year, we’re hoping to offer more for teachers, both in the session content and through incentives. This workshop is pending recognition as a professional development opportunity through the Salem-Keizer School District and is a certified continued education opportunity for early childhood educators (contact us directly for more info). For those of you who attended the School Garden Summit in January, this workshop is a great way to brainstorm and collaborate on garden ideas with other folks from Marion and Polk counties. Register here, by April 10th.

Free Green Cleaning Workshop for your class or Green Team       

Multnomah County Department of Health is teaming up with PPS Sustainability to offer 40 min long workshops on green cleaning supplies. We will talk about the hazards of many traditional cleaning products and healthy alternative green cleaners. Students will get the chance to make their own multi-purpose green cleaner to try out and take home, and also receive a recipe pack with directions on making other safe cleaning products, air fresheners, and other personal products such as shampoo. Multnomah County is offering up to 10 presentations this spring, let Rachel Willis ( know if you’re interested in doing this fun workshop with your class, green team or student council.