Property Management Department

Property Management is responsible for the sale and long term leasing of District facilities, short term rental of classrooms, gyms, fields and other space under the Civic Use of Buildings (CUB) program, and works to implement District policies and related use and disposition of District properties. Funds from the sale, lease and CUB rental of District property support the District's general fund.

The District's facilities are available through the Civic Use of Buildings Office for after-hours use by private and public groups and organizations such as day-care providers, neighborhood associations, athletic clubs, businesses and more. Rental fees are charged to help the District recover part of its cost to provide community access to its buildings during non-school hours. Each year, thousands of people host community and athletic events in our schools. We’re proud to provide this important and valuable asset to Portlanders.

For short-term temporary or occasional rental of District properties contact Civic Use of Buildings, 503-916-3268 or go to the CUB website to submit a request online. 

For information on leases or sales of District property, call 503-916-3257.