Facilities & Asset Management (FAM)

Welcome to the PPS Facilities & Asset Management (FAM) home page!

The Facilities & Asset Management (FAM) Department supports classroom teaching and learning by providing a safe and healthy environment that is conducive to learning for students and staff.  FAM provides a diverse array of support services to students and staff in the district:

- Project Management: leads volunteer and PPS-funded construction projects throughout the district and works to ensure that all projects meet PPS standards and city codes 

- Civic Use of Buildings/Property Management: manages the District's real estate holdings and the civic (community) use of district buildings

- Sustainability: implements energy efficiency projects, coordinates programs and provides educational resources that promote environmental stewardship and conservation - and significantly reduces the money PPS spends on utilities

- Health & Safety: works to ensure that our school environments are healthy and free from safety and environmental hazards

- Maintenance Services: maintains school buildings so they are conducive to teaching and learning

- Custodial Services: keeps our schools and their systems clean and running efficiently

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