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Great Schools, Great Neighborhoods.
Will your child start kindergarten, middle school or high school in August? Most families find that their neighborhood school is the best fit for their child. Families seeking to enroll a child are encouraged to attend the open house at their neighborhood school held between mid-January and early March each year. A complete listing is posted at

Families may also apply to transfer to a different PPS school.

Focus Option Lottery Transfers
Transfer to focus options such as language immersion programs and arts/science-based schools occurs through an annual computerized lottery. Apply for transfer into focus options schools through the “Apply Now Online” link on the right. Before you apply, use these links to become familiar with focus option choices:

Beginning in 2015, students who qualify for free or reduced-price meals or attend a Head Start Pre-kindergarten program have a better chance of being approved to eleven focus option schools and programs. Click here for income eligibility guidelines and list of schools/programs that offer preference to qualified applicants.  

If your student qualifies for this preference, submit the income eligibility form on the right by March 6th.

Petition Transfer Requests
Transfer to a PPS neighborhood school outside the neighborhood in which you live is through a petition request. Access to some focus option grade levels is also done through petition.

What: In a petition, families explain why their child needs to transfer. PPS evaluates all reasons and also takes into consideration whether there is space available at the requested school.

When: Petition requests may be submitted at any time. But for the best chance of placement, PPS encourages families to submit petitions by the end of the lottery cycle dates listed on the right.

How: Petition forms are available through the link on the right.

More information about the petitions:

Additional Transfer Process Information

Other Application Types
Learn more about other application types.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Enrollment and Transfer Center at 503-916-3205.