Enrollment Balancing

Enrollment balancing is the process of moving students from one school to another in order to address overcrowding or low enrollment so that all school have appropriate population sizes and all students can access a strong academic program. 

Every year, enrollment at all schools is looked at and plans are formed to make changes for the next school year at schools that are persistently higher or lower than appropriate sizes. The general timeline for most major enrollment changes that require School Board approval is:

  • A community input process in the fall to identify issues, collect ideas for change
  • A specific proposal is submitted by the Superintendent to the School Board for a vote in winter
  • Approved changes start to take effect at the beginning of the next school year

This site provides information about current enrollment balancing activities, archives of past decisions and resources for understanding enrollment data and policies.

Additional Resources
Many community members have not experienced major school enrollment changes first-hand. Enrollment Balancing Basics provides a starting point for those who wish to learn more about the policies, student data and other factors that are the foundation of this work.

Community engagement is an important factor in enrollment balancing decisions. Documents for the School District’s stakeholder participation process, which guides this work for the school district, can be found here. Click here to learn how school enrollment ranges were developed.

Since 2009, a Superintendent’s Advisory Committee on Enrollment and Transfer (SACET) has gathered monthly to review and provide advice on enrollment and transfer issues. Current meeting schedule and archived meeting summaries are located here.