School Transitions

School Transitions

Students at Boise-Eliot PK-8 used art work to welcome Humboldt PK-8 students when the two schools consolidated in September 2012.

March 2013

Portland Public Schools has been working to balance enrollment across schools to remedy over-crowding at some schools and under-enrollment at others so that all schools can provide a strong academic program. In some cases, this work had led to consolidating schools or relocating programs.

The School Transitions web pages provide families, staff and the general public pertinent information, including:

Latest News: Alerts or deadlines for families and staff to be aware of.

Family Advisories: Written communications sent home to families impacted by a change.

Meeting Notes: Where possible, these will also be posted. 

For more information about a particular school transition, please click the button on the left-hand navigation bar on this page.

If you have questions about transition work at one of our schools, please contact the PPS Communications Office at or 503-916-3304.