Feb. 25, 2013

The Portland School Board unanimously approved the superintendent's recommendation for the Jefferson Cluster that balances the need to improve access to programs with the need to avoid destabilization due to disruption:

  • Chief Joseph and Ockley Green will merge into a K-8 school operating on both campuses starting in fall 2013. Planning begins now and families will get more information in their home language within the week.
  • ACCESS Academy will be relocated in time for the 2013-14 school year. The superintendent is identifying the location and more information will be shared as soon as it is available.

Board resolution

Feb. 11, 2013

At a school board work session Feb. 11, Superintendent Carole Smith indicated plans to revise her recommendation for balancing enrollment in the Jefferson cluster. Changes include:

  • Chief Joseph/Ockley Green merger: The merged school would operate on two campuses indefinitely and the Chief Joseph building would not close.
  • King/ACCESS Academy: ACCESS Academy would not move to King. An alternate location would be determined for fall 2013.

The superintendent will submit her revisions in an updated resolution that the school board will vote on Feb. 25.

Feb. 4, 2013

The superintendent has released her recommendation for balancing enrollment in the Jefferson Cluster:

Letter to the Board
Background Report
Ockley/Chief Joseph Enrollment
King/ACCESS Enrollment
Draft Resolution
Q&A Document
Q&A Addendum

Family Advisory:

Next steps:
Feb. 4: Superintendent presents recommendation to the board, 6 pm.
Feb. 9: Public hearing, 10 am to noon, Jefferson HS, 5210 N. Kerby Ave.  Public Hearing Minutes
Feb. 11: Testimony taken at board meeting, 6 p.m., 501 N. Dixon St.
Feb. 25: Board vote, 6 pm, 501 N. Dixon St.

Sign up to testify, 503-916-3906;
Email feedback to: and

January 2013

Two options for balancing enrollment and strengthening programs in Jefferson PK-8 schools are available for public comment.  

Options: EnglishEspañolTiếng Việt

Next is superintendent's recommendation and board hearing and vote in February.

Jefferson Cluster Scenarios
December 2012

PPS has developed six scenarios (en español) for changing the structure of Jefferson PK-8 schools which were presented at the community input forums on December 4th, 5th and 11th.     

Frequently Asked Questions

School Board Work Session -
Dec. 3 School Board work session presentation 

Community Input

Updated Next Steps

  • Early/Mid January: PPS will release concrete options and invite public comment.
  • Late January: Superintendent will make a recommendation to the school board.
  • February: The school board will invite public comment and vote on the recommendation.
  • Read a Family Advisory about the scenarios and next steps. (English/Spanish; Somali/Vietnamese)

More information is available through the tabs on the left of this page.


Across the Jefferson cluster and beyond, schools face a variety of enrollment challenges. As enrollment grows in PPS, some schools are overcrowded. Yet, other schools have too few students to support a well-rounded educational program for students at all grades. Jefferson PK-8 cluster schools with density map. Options to resolve these issues could include boundaries changes, grade reconfigurations and even school closures to provide students in Jefferson PK-8 cluster greater access to programs that will prepare them for high school. As parents, you can have a say in these options.

As a first step, Portland Public Schools staff formed an advisory committee this summer to design a community engagement process to gather input from many stakeholders this fall regarding the future configuration of schools in this region. Click on the Planning Meetings link on the left to read more about the summer planning process.

In October, Portland Public Schools held community meetings at each of the eight schools in the Jefferson PK-8 cluster. Click on a school name on the left to see presentations, meeting summaries and feedback.

A cross-cluster forum was held on November 13 in the Jefferson cafeteria to gather more input.

Feedback forms are available for those who were not able to make the meeting. Staff will likely release several scenarios that address overcrowding and under enrollment in mid-late November.