Connect to Unique Focus Programs and Schools

Admissions by application only. Interested PPS resident families may have to attend a mandatory meeting or complete a statement of understanding as part of the application process. For meeting dates and times, go to Choosing Your School 2014-15.

Location Address Phone
Ainsworth Spanish Immersion K-5 2425 S.W. Vista Ave. 503-916-6288
Atkinson Spanish Immersion K-5 5800 S.E. Division St. 503-916-6333
Beach Spanish Immersion K-8 1710 N. Humboldt St. 503-916-6236
Beaumont Middle School Spanish Immersion 4043 NE Fremont St. 503-916-5610
Benson Polytechnic High School
(additional application required)
546 N.E. 12th Ave. 503-916-5100
Bridger Spanish Immersion K-8 7910 S.E. Market St. 503-916-6336
Buckman Arts K-5 320 S.E. 16th Ave. 503-916-6230
Creative Science School K-8 1231 S.E. 92nd Ave. 503-916-6431
César Chávez Spanish Immersion K-8 5103 N Willis Blvd.       . 503-916-5666
da Vinci Arts Middle School 2508 N.E. Everett St. 503-916-5356
East/West Sylvan Middle School Spanish Immersion 1849 S.W. 58th Ave. 503-916-5560
Hayhurst Odyssey K-8 5037 S.W. Iowa St. 503-916-6300
Hosford Middle School Chinese Immersion 2303 S.E. 28th Pl. 503-916-5640
Jefferson High School -
Middle College for Advanced Studies
5210 N. Kerby Ave. 503-916-5180
Kelly Russian Immersion K-5 9030 S.E. Cooper St. 503-916-6350
King Mandarin Immerion K-1 (growing to K-8) 4906 N.E. 6th Ave. 503-916-6456
Lane Middle School Russian Immersion 7200 S.E. 60th Ave. 503-916-6355
Lent Spanish Immersion K-8 5105 S.E. 97th Ave. 503-916-6322
Mt. Tabor Middle School Japanese & Spanish Immersion 5800 S.E. Ash St. 503-916-5646
Richmond Japanese Immersion PK-5 2276 S.E. 41st Ave. 503-916-6220
Roseway Heights Vietnamese Immersion K (growing to K-8) 7334 N.E. Siskiyou St. 503-916-5600
Scott Spanish Immersion K-8 6700 N.E. Prescott St. 503-916-6369
Sunnyside Environmental K-8 3421 S.E. Salmon St. 503-916-6226
Winterhaven Math & Science K-8 3830 S.E. 14th Ave. 503-916-6200
Woodstock Chinese Immersion K-5 5601 S.E. 50th Ave. 503-916-6380

To learn more about Immersion Programs, including the feeder pattern for various languages/parts of town, go to the PPS Immersion web site or call 503-916-2000, x71055.